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Elle Friedman
Settlement Manager

Phone: 303-302-7851
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Elle Friedman is the Mass Tort Settlements Manager at the firm.

Elle develops, implements, and oversees settlement processing strategies across the firm’s litigation portfolio. She manages the firm’s multi-million dollar settlement of the Avandia litigation, representing thousands of plaintiffs in their drug injuries nationwide. She specializes in mass document and information management and production, private insurance lien resolution, probate actions, and financial administration. Elle’s commitment to individual interaction with our Avandia clients and partners fosters a unique and personalized case resolution experience.

Elle is originally from Vail, CO and holds a degree in international relations, with honors, from the University of Denver. Before joining Zonies Law, Elle was the Mass Tort Case Manager at Reilly Pozner LLP. She previously worked in the office of President William J. Clinton and with The Clinton Foundation in New York City.

Elle Friedman
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